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(15th Century)
(13th Century)
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====13th Century====
====13th Century====
[[Egils saga, AM 162 A fol. θ]]
[[Sturlunga saga]]
[[Sturlunga saga]]

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12th Century

Íslensk hómilíubók (late 12th century)

13th Century

Egils saga, AM 162 A fol. θ

Sturlunga saga

14th Century

Bandamanna saga (ca. 1350; Möðruvallabók)

Finnboga saga ramma (ca. 1350; Möðruvallabók)

15th Century

probably some of the younger sagas

16th Century

17th Century

Ævisaga Jóns Indíafara (1661)

18th Century

Ævisaga Jóns Steingrímssonar (1784-1791)

19th Century

Piltur og stúlka, Jón Thoroddsen (1850)

20th Century

Heiðarbýlið - Jón Trausti (1908-1911)