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    <allpages gapcontinue="SAGÐUR" />
      <page pageid="192" ns="0" title="Reduced relative clauses">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">There is usually not a clear distinction between reduced relative clauses (RRC) and participial clauses (IP-PPL), see [ PPCEME guidelines].

( (IP-MAT (CONJ og-og)
	  (NP-SBJ *con*)
	  (DOPI gerist-gera)
	  (NP-PRD (NPR-N Bartholomeus-bartholomeus)
		  (, ,-,)
		  (IP-MAT-PRN (NP-SBJ (PRO-N það-það))
			      (BEPI er-vera)
			      (NP-OB1 (N-N sonur-sonur)
				      (RRC (VAG upphaldandi-upphalda)
					   (NP-OB1 (NS-D vötnum-vatn))))))
	  (, ,-,)
      <page pageid="100" ns="0" title="SAGÐI X">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">SAGÐI X 'said X', tag as IP-MAT-PRN.

( (IP-MAT-SPE (, ---)
	      (VBI Flytjið-flytja)
	      (NP-SBJ (PRO-N þið-þú))
	      (NP-OB1 (PRO-A mig-ég))
	      (ADVP-TMP (ADV nú-nú))
	      (ADVP-DIR (CP-FRL-SPE (WADVP-1 (WADV hvert-hver))
				    (, ,-,)
				    (C sem-sem)
				    (IP-SUB-SPE (ADVP-DIR *T*-1)
						(NP-SBJ (PRO-N þið-þú))
						(VBPI viljið-vilja))))
	      (, ,-,)
	      (NP-VOC (NS-N skepnur$-skepna)
		      (D $nar-hinn)
		      (NP-POS (PRO-G mínar-minn)))
	      (, ,-,)
	      (IP-MAT-PRN (VBDI sagði-segja)
			  (NP-SBJ (N-N kerling-kerling)))
	      (. ;-;)))